Namecheap Review: The Best Domain Registrar For Small Business.

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Are you a newbie looking to start up website hosting? In this Namecheap review article, based on my experience with them and that of my many clientele, I will show you why Namecheap is your best alternative to host your website and online business.

You might wonder why I choose Namecheap. This is because they are trustworthy.

But first, let’s look at website hosting before I explain why companies like Amazon work with them.

What is Website Hosting?

Web hosting is the process that allows your website to be visible on the internet. Web hosting service allows individuals or businesses to create a website on a server. 

The service includes access to the web servers, domain name, and software required to run the website. 

There are many web hosting services with different servers in different locations. These web hosting services also provide for other servers in their data center and a data center. 

The Benefit of A Good Web Hosting

A good web host will provide the resources you need to keep your site running smoothly and can even help you attract more visitors. 

Below are 5 Benefits you will get from a good web host.

  1. A good web hosting service will keep your website online 100% of the time. There should be no time your website is visited or down. The 100% up-time gives your brand a reputation and smooth business operations.
  2. A Good Host Can Help You Monitor Your Traffic: A good web host will also provide tools to track your traffic and see where your visitors are coming from.
  3. Your Site Will Remain Up-To-Date: A good web host will always keep your site updated, ensuring that it looks and functions exactly the way you want it to
  4. A good website hosting service will guarantee security: A good web host will take security seriously, ensuring that all of your data is protected against cyberattacks. Your site will also be immune to slowdowns or other problems caused by hackers.
  5. A Good Host should offer custom solutions: A good host should provide custom solutions such as domain name registration, upgrade or downgrade of hosting solutions, Website design, development, service, and many other services.

What is Namecheap?

Namecheap is a domain name registrar and web hosting company founded in 2000. Namecheap offers primary and secondary market domains, web hosting, website security services, email, and other online services.

Namecheap has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been featured in Forbes.

Is Namecheap A Good Domain Site?

Namecheap is a good domain site, primarily because of its uptime. Your website stays up 100%, no downtown.

Secondly, Namecheap customer care is out of this world. They can stay with you for 2 hours until you are fine.

One of my clients had major complications on their website; he went to the cPanel and messed things up. We contacted Namecheap, and for 1 hour and 47 minutes, the site returned; we had thought we would lose six years of website content that day.

Another reason is that Namecheap offers a wide range of domain names and many TLDs. .com, .net. .audio. academy and many more, as well as the ability to buy and sell your domains.

For a new business, have you had issues with many hosting services? Look no further because you can transfer your domain and website very quickly. And Namecheap will assist you with this; you will see no crack on your website.

What Services Does Namecheap Provide?

Namecheap provides services like website hosting, domain registration, website security, WordPress domain and hosting services, App management, and SSL Certificates.

The services are highlighted in the table below.

DomainsSSL CertificatesHostingSecurityTransfer to Us
Domain Name SearchComodoShared HostingDomain PrivacyDomain Transfer
Domain TransferOrganization ValidationWordPress HostingPremiumDNSMigrate Hosting
New TLDsDomain ValidationReseller HostingCDNMigrate WordPress
Handshake domainsExtended ValidationVPS HostingVPN UPDATEDMigrate Email
Personal DomainSingle DomainDedicated ServersCyber Insurance NEW
MarketplaceWildcardPrivate Email HostingID Validation
Whois LookupMulti-DomainMigrate to Namecheap2FA
PremiumDNSPublic DNS
FreeDNSAnti-Spam Protection NEW
Domain Vault NEW

Others Include:


  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Migrate WordPress


  • SSL Certificates
  • Reseller Hosting


  • Marketplace
  • Subscriptions
  • Relate
  • RelateLegal NEW
  • RelateSocial NEW
  • RelateReviews NEW
  • Visual
  • Stencil NEW
  • Site Maker
  • Logo Maker
  • Business Card Maker
  • Business Name Generator

One of the best reasons I always recommend Namecheap is the ease. Registering, hosting, and managing domains for yourself or others are easy and affordable.

Why pay so much somewhere for this excellent service when you can get it cheaper on Namecheap.

Before I write about their affordable Price, let me show you their various hosting plans and why this is the best for your business.

Namecheap Hosting Review: Different Types Of Hosting.

Your path to successful hosting starts with Namecheap. Their hosting plans are provided based on your business strength and website needs.

Namecheap Hosting Plans are:

  1. Online beginners: Start small and spend less on small businesses: Get more power and control
  2. Large businesses: Invest in maximum power

1. Online beginners: Start small and spend less

Ideal for setting up your website, WordPress blog, or business landing page, these hosting plans are simple and affordable.

Under the Online beginner plan, they have the following:

i). Stellar Shared Hosting: At $2.18 a month, you pay $25.88 annually. Save 51% on 1st Year

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. Your annual hosting plan comes with one domain name offer.
  2. Host up to 3 websites with the CMS of your choice. 
  3. Includes a free Website Builder and email service.
  4. 20 GB SSD.

ii). POPULAR Stellar Plus: At $2.98 a month, you pay $34.88 

Save 54% on 1st Year.

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Unlimited Websites
  3. Unmetered SSD
  4. Unlimited Domain-Based Mailboxes
  5. AutoBackup

iii). EasyWP Starter WordPress Hosting: Free First Month

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. 10 GB SSD storage
  2. 50k visitors/month
  3. 99.9% Uptime
  4. Free CDN

iv). Starter Email Hosting: Only $0.00 for two months

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. 1 mailbox included
  2. 5GB for emails

Small businesses Hosting plans:

Ideal if you’re a solopreneur, e-commerce specialist, or web developer looking to add more power and Speed to your company website or online business.

i). Stellar Business: At $4.98 a month, you pay $58.88. Save 47% on 1st Year

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Unlimited Websites
  3. 50 GB SSD
  4. Unlimited Domain-Based Mailboxes
  5. AutoBackup & Cloud Storage

ii). Nebula Reseller Hosting: At $17 .88 a month, you pay $214.56 in 1st year.

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. 25 cPanel accounts
  2. 30 GB SSD

iii). EasyWP Turbo WordPress Hosting: At $0.00 1st month, you pay $94.88 a year.

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. 50 GB SSD storage
  2. 200k visitors/month
  3. 1.5x more CPU
  4. 1.5x more RAM
  5. 99.9% Uptime
  6. Free CDN
  7. Free SSL

iv.) Pro Email Hosting: At $0.00 a month, you pay only $28.88 a year

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. 3 mailboxes included
  2. 30GB for emails
  3. Full mobile sync support

Large businesses: Invest in maximum power

Perfect for websites that demand the highest performance and enjoy all the flexibility and security with exclusive access to every resource.

i). EasyWP Supersonic WordPress Hosting: At $0 a month, pay $68.88 a year

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. 100 GB SSD storage
  2. 500k visitors/month
  3. 2x more CPU
  4. 2x more RAM
  5. 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  6. Free CDN
  7. Free SSL

ii). Quasar VPS Hosting: At $12 .88 a month, you pay $154.56 yearly.

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. 4 CPU cores
  2. 6 GB RAM
  3. 120 GB SSD RAID 10
  4. 3000 GB bandwidth

iii). Magnetar VPS Hosting is $24 .88 a month; you pay $298.56 yearly.

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. 8 CPU cores
  2. 12 GB RAM
  3. 240 GB SSD RAID 10
  4. 6000 GB bandwidth

iv). Xeon E-2234 Dedicated Hosting: At $62 .88 a month, you pay $669.88 a year.

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  1. Same-Day Setup
  2. Free Migration
  3. 99.99% Uptime
  4. Datacenter-Powered Reliability
  5. 24/7 Customer Support
  6. Server Level Choice
  7. Airtight Security
  8. Server Management Options
  9. Optimized Network.
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Namecheap Pricing And My Recommendation

I use Namecheap for more than 3 blogs and many other accounts for my clients because we have had a tiny problem using them for years.

We enjoy Speed, no cyber-attacks, easy movement of files, and most importantly, outstanding customer care service 24/7.

Because of this, I will recommend the best pricing for the three different business categories based on your business size or future projection.

MY Business: If I had known, I would have started with the Stellar Business hosting plan.

The plan allows me to have an extra domain plus Auto Backup & Cloud Storage. This would have been ideal for me, and I will recommend this for a small business starting fresh or migrating from another host.

The Stellar Business Plan comes with an Unmetered bandwidth, Domain name and privacy protection, Free automatic SSL installation, Free Supersonic CDN, and Free in <24 hours website migration.

You see what I mean.

51% off 1st yr Shared Hosting!

Let Me Explain 2 Features From The Stellar Business:

  1. Supersonic CDN and
  2. Unmetered bandwidth.

Namecheap Supersonic CDN:

The supersonic CDN amplifies your website Speed. The Namecheap Content Delivery Network (CDN) has high bandwidth with lightning-quick delivery speeds.

This means your content takes under two seconds to update on every edge server in the world network.

Your audience finds you quickly and super fast; Supersonic free CDN helps load your content from a nearby CDN server instead of your hosting server.

Unmetered Bandwidth:

Speed and time are combined to form the word “bandwidth.” Bits, bytes, megabytes, terabytes, and other units are used to measure Speed. Naturally, Speed is measured in seconds.

The amount of data (measured in bits and bytes) a computer can transfer at any given time is known as bandwidth. It’s often measured in seconds in hosting.

The amount of data transfer isn’t monitored when you have unmetered bandwidth. It’s a bit like getting a broadband plan with no data cap.

In short, you don’t have to worry about how much data your servers transfer. 

The Price of the Stellar Business hosting plan is $58.88. 

 Namecheap Stellar Review:

Let me introduce you to other Namecheap Steller Plans:

The Steller:

This is the basic hosting plan of Namecheap, below are the features.

  • Domain Name
  • 3 Websites
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 30 Domain-Based Mailboxes

The Stellar Plus

This is the popular Namecheap plan, below are the features attached to the plan,

  • Domain Name
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unmetered SSD
  • Unlimited Domain-Based Mailboxes
  • AutoBackup

Why should I use Namecheap?

It would be best if you used Namecheap because of its many benefits, like 99.99 uptime records. Many products to meet all your website needs, Speed, and ease of doing business. Check out their Trustpilot reviews below to confirm this.

Namecheap Trustpilot Review

Namecheap reviews have been great over time, and below are pictures to confirm that too.

Namecheap Domain Reviews

In this section, I will acquaint you with how to register your domain with Namecheap and transfer your domain in minutes.

So I will start with a few definitions.

What is a domain?

The physical address of your website is a domain name. It facilitates users’ access to your website. An example is www.webflowhub.comwww.namecheap.comand

Internet users enter your website’s address into their browsers’ URL bars to access it.

Is Namecheap A Good Domain Site?

Namecheap is a good domain site because of the competitively low prices and the Easy setup process before and after registration.

When you register your domain with Namecheap, you get Free privacy protection for life to keep your data safe with domain privacy protection.

You also enjoy a 2-month free trial of your email address, ready for use when you sign up.

Also, you get Free DNSSEC security to protect your website visitors from fraudulent activity.

Get a FREE domain when you buy Shared hosting!

How To Register Your Domain With Namecheap

1. Your domain name registration starts with a domain name search.

2. Your domain can be typed in directly or chosen from a list: Top-Level Domains, or TLDs, such,.net, etc.,

3. You can use the Beast mode, which helps you further in your search. Below are the features of the beast mode:

  • Choose the wanted Price Range.
  • Use the Show Domain Hacks option. Domain hacks are domain names that combine domain levels to spell out the full title or name of the domain name. These type of domains spells out a word by using a combination of periods and less popular country-based extensions. Domain hacks offer the ability to produce very short domain names (e.g.,, domain. name)
  • Hide Unavailable domain names
  • Show Premiums indicates whether you want to see premium domains in the output or not.
  • Drop Last Vowel removes the last vowel in the search results (e.g., will be shown as
  • Pluralize Nouns create a plural form of a noun (e.g., will be shown as
  • Append Prefix/Suffix includes results that add text to the beginning or the end of your keywords
Get creative with Beast mode: the fastest domain name generator!

4. when you are ok with your domain, Click on the “+ Cart” icon or “>” button to select the additional products you’d like. Once all the necessary products are in your Shopping Cart, click on the View items button on the pop-up window, which will appear in the upper right corner:

5. If you are not logged in, you will be requested to enter your Namecheap account login and password on the next page. If you do not already have a Namecheap account, you can create one on the same page.

If you are registering a domain name for the first time and have not entered your contact information (address, phone number, etc.), you will be prompted to do so before going to the Billing stage. To do so, select the I’m registering on behalf of a company option and enter your Company Name and Job Title:

Get Domain & Hosting at one place with Namecheap!

Why is Namecheap Best Domain Registrar For Small Business

This is because Namecheap has the most affordable prices on the market. They help you save money by registering with them. They have a domain as low as $1.99.

You will receive two months of free domain privacy protection and private email when you register.

Why Are Namecheap Domains So Cheap?

 Namecheap reduced its prices to differentiate itself from the competition.

Furthermore, unlike many other registrars, Namecheap does not demand contracts.

Is It Good To Buy Domain From Namecheap?

Namecheap’s basic shared hosting plans are reasonably priced, including twice-weekly automatic backups, a free SSL certificate, and a 100% uptime guarantee. They include everything you need to host your website.

Can we talk about the other hosting service provided by Namecheap?

Namecheap Dedicated Server Review

Namecheap provides a dedicated hosting service for top-tier performance at a low price. All their plan has Same-Day Setup, Free Migration, and 99.99% Uptime.

You can choose from Entry, Medium, or Advanced levels Servers to meet your business needs, whether you run a tiny application, a medium-sized database, or a high-traffic website.

What Is A Dedicated Server And How Does It Work?

A dedicated server is a physical server that dedicates all of the resources of a single machine to a single user. 

Unlike a Shared Hosting server, where resources are shared among users, Dedicated Servers for hosting allow you to utilize every resource available, such as RAM, storage, computing power, and so on.

Here Are The Different Plans For Dedicated Servers On Namecheap.

1. Xeon E3-1240 v3 at $41.88

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  • 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz
  • 8 GB DDR3
  • 2 x 1 TB HDD
  • 100 TB/mo Bandwidth

2. Xeon E-2236 at $71.88

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  • 6 cores @ 3.4 GHz
  • 32 GB DDR4
  • 2 x 480 GB SSD
  • 100 TB/mo Bandwidth

3. Dual Xeon Silver 4208 at $169.88

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  • Dual 8 cores @ 2.1 GHz
  • 64 GB DDR4
  • 2 x 2 TB NVMe
  • 500 GB Backup Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth

4. Xeon E-2234 at $62.88

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  • 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz
  • 16 GB DDR4
  • 480 GB SSD
  • 100 TB/mo Bandwidth

5. Xeon E-2236 at $85.88

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  • 6 cores @ 3.4 GHz
  • 64 GB DDR4
  • 2 x 960 GB NVMe
  • 100 TB/mo Bandwidth

6. Dual AMD EPYC 7313 at $242.88

Here’s what is in for you when you subscribe:

  • Dual 16 cores @ 3 GHz
  • 128 GB DDR4
  • 4 x 1.92 TB NVMe
  • 500 GB Backup Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth

 10 Things to Consider When Selecting a Dedicated Server

  1. Stable Security Features.
  2. Define Performance Requirements.
  3. Technical Support.
  4. Consider Potential Downtime.
  5. Backup Services.
  6. Anticipate Bandwidth Usage.
  7. Test Network Quality.
  8. Consider Application Scalability.
  9. Choose a Hosting Provider.
  10. Available Control Panel Options.

1. Stable Security Features.

Security is still a significant worry for most firms in this day and age. With so much client information at stake, security features are a top priority when selecting a dedicated server. It would be best if you considered considering engaging with service providers who value safety as a service.

Given the confidential information you will transmit to your clients, security should be your priority when choosing a dedicated server.

In the event of an unforeseen data security breach, you must evaluate all possible mitigation measures implemented by the dedicated server provider.

2 Define Performance Requirements.

Every company has different server performance requirements. How many users do you anticipate? What services do you intend to offer through your server?

Defining these values can assist you in determining how many servers you will require and the type of hardware to use.

Will your services require a lot of CPU, memory, or disk space? Knowing this will help you understand the hardware requirements.

3. Technical Support.

Before choosing a dedicated server for your company, ensure they provide 24-hour technical assistance. An important question to ask your potential supplier is about their automatic resolution mechanism in the event of navigation issues.

A dependable, dedicated server hosting service should have a team always available via phone and email. This ensures that your operations do not come to a standstill due to technical challenges.

4. Consider Downtime.

One of the major advantages of a dedicated server is that your resources are not shared with anybody else. The disadvantage is that a single server is always a single point of failure.

If you do not have the option of scaling to numerous dedicated servers (which would eliminate potential downtime), you must decide how much potential downtime you are willing to risk.

5. Backup Services.

It is vital to choose a company that prioritizes data backup protocols. This method ensures that you are better prepared to deal with any catastrophic scenarios that may arise.

To protect against the damaging effects of data loss, your hosting provider should, at the very least, have a planning and testing procedure in place.

6. Anticipate Bandwidth Usage.

If you expect to spend a lot of bandwidth but have little dependability, you could choose a package with your dedicated server that includes a lot of data traffic.

7. Test Network Quality

The quality of the network has a direct impact on performance. Physical location is one of the factors that frequently determine network quality.

The farther your dedicated server is from your organization, the more probable it will impact the quality of your network. Before committing, you should evaluate your network’s operation center and test network speeds and quality.

8. Consider Application Scalability.

Some programs are challenging to scale across several devices. It is difficult to ensure that a database is functioning on several servers since it must be synced across all database servers. 

It may be simpler to relocate the database to a server with higher processing power, RAM, and faster storage.

9. Choose a Hosting Provider.

The proper hosting provider functions as a knowledge partner. They enlist the assistance of engineers and professionals to help answer your queries, and they have a large customer base that, if asked, should be delighted to supply you with a reference.

10. Available Control Panel Options.

Are you seeking dedicated server choices that will meet your requirements? You must choose one with built-in management functions.

The best-dedicated server for your company is one with a large enough control panel to ensure functional effectiveness.

Control panels are critical components for supporting server tasks and applications. Some dedicated servers, however, lack control panels that allow for simple user navigation.

What To Look For In Good Web Hosting Company: How to choose the right hosting service

When finding a good web hosting company, there are a few key things you should look for. 

 1. You want a reliable web host with a good reputation.

2. Make sure the provider has been around for some time and has a good track record. You also want to make sure the hosting company can meet your specific needs, whether that means having plenty of storage space or being able to handle high-traffic volumes.

3. It is important to find a web host that fits your budget. You don’t want to spend too much on services you won’t use or don’t need.

4. Ask around for recommendations. Friends, family, and online resources like forums can help you find a great web host quickly and easily. Read reviews first to know what to expect from the host in question.

5. Check out compatibility tests. Many hosts offer compatibility tests that determine if your website runs smoothly on its platform.

6. Lastly, check out the host’s pricing structure and see what plans they offer. Also, ask about discounts available if you sign up for multiple years of service.

Final thought

I hope you understand why Namecheap is your go-to for hosting services, domain registration, and website security; if you need to clarify any of their services, you can speak to their customer care, who are always online here.

Thank you for reading.