This 33-year-old makes $22,000 a month in passive income- Here is how he planned it out.

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I never was the entrepreneurial type. Building a passive income came to me as a breakout. After a very tough time with my job and family, I had to get creative to make ends meet.

Three years later, at age 32, I built an online business that earns $22,000 a month passively.

I also recently published an article, “5 Tips For Making A Passive Income So You Can Quit Your Job.”

The first business I started was a food blog that sells food recipes and affiliate products from amazon. The second, which I created, is e-commerce; I sell physical products and teach people how to make money selling products too.

Around 50 people use my products, and the number of monthly sales was low compared to my expenses. I aim to sell at least 500 products or make 500 sales monthly.

My top priorities were unmet, so I started looking for a way out.

In my research, I found another way of running my store efficiently without working myself out while making money.

My Passive Income Turning Point

Sales Report

AliDropship provided me with a Premium store filled with Sellvia products in the gardening niche, such as landscaping tools and accessories for your backyard and lawn. I was able to build a passive income from scratch without a sweat. Because of the faster shipping, I became interested in the Sellvia offering, and here I am, giving it a shot to see how it goes and whether I can make my dream money online in 2022.

I decided to get a premium store after conducting extensive research online.

Here are the factors I considered when purchasing the premium store.

1. Customer feedback or reviews 

2. Successes recorded

3. Duration of Business 

4. Customer service representation

5. Excellent tutorials.

If you buy a Premium Store, you’ll get a fully functional website that can generate a consistent monthly profit, just like I did.

My Premium Stores enable me to launch my business quickly by providing a ready-made website, selecting the best products in a specific niche, and even testing promotional materials.

That is the best solution if you want a smooth start in e-commerce and immediate results from tried-and-true ideas!

What Is The Gain in Passive Income?

I get to spend more time with my family and loved ones.

I’ve never supported the hustle culture much because I don’t think it’s either healthy or wise. If you can implement systems into your business that allows it to function independently, for the most part, you won’t have to spend as much time performing routine maintenance tasks.

After all, what does it mean to “be your own boss” if you’re toiling away 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

When people ask me what I do with all the extra time in my week, the answer I give them isn’t exactly the most riveting thing in the world. During my free time, I work out at the gym, catch up with a friend over coffee or lunch, or get lost in a good book.

However, the most important thing I do is spend time with my loved ones. My wife and I try to make a point of going on a “date” every Friday, catching up on life, talking about the kids, and eating out.

Recently, one of our primary focuses has been on improving our communication skills in tense situations. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, but the effort I’ve put into maintaining our connection has helped me become a better father and husband.

Why Getting Your Store Is The Profitable Way

Even if you have no prior experience, using the appropriate software such as Alidropship will make the process relatively quick and accessible from a technical standpoint.

The management of my store takes me only about one to two hours per day, and most of that time is spent processing orders and responding to customer inquiries. I am able to build a passive income on my own time.

Some Hot Selling Products To Dropship

  • 1. Baby products.
  • 2. Pet supplies.
  • 3. Home interiors.
  • 4. Office products.
  • 5. Tools and home improvement.
  • telescopes
  • Massage Gun
  • Phone Lenses
  • Fasting Tea

Get a Premium Dropshipping Store and start benefiting from that right away!

How Old Do You Have To Be To Dropship or Start A Passive Income

There are many different ways to build a passive income, dropshipping is at the top, regardless of your age. The challenge you will face is signing up for eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce, as well as other payment processors like PayPal and Stripe, will be the age factor. This will be a difficulty for you.

It is not recommended that you start if you are under 18 years old.

There are numerous more types of enterprises that a young person with no expertise can start and yet make money with.

How Easy Is It With Finding What To Sell

Passive income

When you get your own AliDropship Premium Store, you will also receive a comprehensive inventory of all the products imported to the parent store. 

When you get your own AliDropship Premium Store, you will also receive a comprehensive inventory of all the products imported to the parent store. The managers at AliDropship looked through hundreds of different options and dozens of vendors before settling on these products. 

As a result, you will be able to be one hundred percent certain that you are working with the most lucrative things and the most dependable suppliers. 

You can immediately begin promoting and selling the products because there is such a large selection of products that have been manually chosen and updated.


There are no recurring fees associated with the Premium

Store; it just costs $300. 

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Free Customer Support For Life

If you have followed my product reviews, I value customer support. This is my primary focus. I have seen a customer complain about buying a course or service online, and when they are in a fix, it becomes problematic getting assistance.

For example, Namecheap hosting service has one of the best customers supports, I had been with support assistance for over 4 hours, and I was helped 100% at no extra cost.

AliDropship offers lifetime personal support for FREE! Immediately following the completion of the order, you will meet your manager on the confirmation page.

You will be guided and helped to set up and understand whatever you do not know.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or a Pro; your manager is here 24 hours at your call when you have a fix.

My Final Thought

If you are just getting started with a passive income mindset, e-commerce is a sure way to start… I believe it is a process. It is almost illogical to think that it will be highly successful immediately.

Someone who has just launched a business must realize that the first sale may not occur immediately.

Eventually, you will earn more money than you anticipate as you advance.

Get a Premium Dropshipping Store and start benefiting from that right away!



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