Money Can’t Buy Happiness: Is This True?

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Is this old cliché that says money can’t buy happiness true? Before I write, I would love to ask a popular question. If money can not buy happiness, does poverty buy happiness?

While this topic is relative in many ways, In this article, I want us to come to an understanding of what money is, what happiness means, and the equilibrium of both.

Is it true that money can’t buy happiness?

Here is the answer to this question, and I will explain below why it is so. When money is spent well, it will buy you happiness. The word “buy” is relative and it can be replaced with many words too.

Years ago, a friend of mine came to me for a little help. His only daughter was graduating and he had to be there. The only way he could get there and back to resume work is to take a quick flight, but they can’t afford the return flight.

I could see the worry on his face and his regrets as he complained to me.

Fortunately, I could help. I transferred the money to him, and you could see his face lighten up with so much gladness.

The Power of Money He went for his daughter’s graduation, and I was glad I could help bring a smile to his face.

You could put it this way, as some people put it: money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy what will make you happy.

What is money?

Wikipedia puts it like this: Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and for repayment of debts…

Another definition of money is defined as a commodity that is generally acknowledged as being suitable for use as a medium of exchange in economic transactions.

The use of money may be for the moment. If it is utilized well in exchange for any profitable transaction or emotional benefit, it has succeeded in giving you happiness.

If you exchange money for a house your mom will live in, it will give you so much satisfaction and happiness.

The use of money lavishly and materialistic things may bring comfort and short-term emotional satisfaction, but many people say they still feel empty despite this.

Let’s Talk About Happiness.

Happiness, Money Can t Buy Happiness

People are always looking for ways to boost their happiness, but the characteristics that constitute happiness can vary greatly from one individual to the next.

When most individuals discuss the essence of happiness, they may be referring to how they feel in the here and now, or they may be referring to a more general sense of how they feel about life in general.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of emotional contentment or fulfillment.

The philosopher Aristotle, believed that there were four levels of happiness: happiness from immediate gratification; comparison, achievement; making positive contributions, and from achieving fulfillment.

Happiness is not excitement.

Is Happiness an Emotion?

Yes, happiness is an emotion in which one experiences contentment and peace. You are also free of disturbances and suffering. Your emotions are not looking for sources of stimulation every time.

5 Ways Money Can’t Buy Happiness

1. Money can’t buy quality relationships:

Relationships are the most reliable indicator of a person’s level of happiness. The presence of loved ones in our lives increases the likelihood that we will experience happiness. In the end, that is something that cannot be purchased with monetary value.

Because you have a lot of money, there is a good chance that some people will be interested in spending time with you. However, these won’t be true partnerships, and it’s quite unlikely that they’ll provide you with long-term happiness either.

2. Happiness cannot be found through material things.

When we receive money, whether it be as a present or as a result of a raise at work, many of us instantly begin to think about the tangible goods that we will be able to purchase with the money. However, such things don’t contribute all that much to our level of happiness.

There are plenty of people who dress well and drive good cars, but they aren’t content with their lives. When people are unhappy, a common form of self-care for many is to go shopping in the mistaken belief that doing so will make them happier. However, in the end, it does not result in happiness.

3. Money can’t buy peace.

Money can not buy peace of mind with money. The lack of peace gotten from a broken relationship cannot be healed with money.

Your frame of mind has a big influence on the level of happiness you experience, and this is something that money can’t change for you. Rupturedrelationships and hopelessness cannot be solved with money alone.

4. Money does not buy health.

Having enough money may allow us to pay for the best medical care for ourselves and our families; however, this does not address the issue of our actual health. It’s not exactly the same as that.

There have been cases of millionaires and billionaires passing away from a variety of diseases that not even an insane amount of money was able to cure.

5. Money cannot buy character.

“Character” is the most important component of a person’s life. The way a person acts is directly related to their attitude, and while wealth can have an effect on a person’s character, it cannot buy a person a positive character.

 3 Things Money Can Buy to Make You Happy.

1. Quality Experience Can be Purchased With Money.

Research has demonstrated that having experiences rather than material goods is the key to happiness. When you have more money available to you, you have the ability to spend it on experiences such as traveling and other activities.

Even if our memories of these experiences will not last as long as our actual possessions, they will serve to keep us happy for a far longer period of time.

2. Someone Else Can Be Helped By Money.

When you have money, you have the ability to give more to charitable causes.

According to some research, people’s levels of happiness are higher when they are able to donate monetarily to others as opposed to when they would have been happier if they had spent the money on themselves.

Donating financial support to the issues that are dearest to your heart is made possible by money.

3. Money Can Buy Opportunities.

Do you wish you could buy a home in today’s market when loan rates are historically low and home prices have dropped by a significant amount?

Do you sometimes wish you could put your money into companies that could give you higher returns in the future?

You can have access to chances that, in more typical circumstances, would not typically be available to you if you had money.

4. Money Can Buy Comfort

Do you share your home with two children, noisy neighbors, and a small, cramped apartment? You can use your money to put a 20% down payment on a cozy, peaceful home in a good location.

Final Thoughts

Happiness lasts forever when it is gotten from kindness and generosity.



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