How To Use Sales Funnels For Local Service-Based Businesses

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How To Use Sales Funnels For Local Service-Based Businesses

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If you operate a service-based business, you understand that it can be difficult to convince customers to visit your location or to take your services seriously.

Many businesses I know don’t have physical addresses, they have shifted their base to the online market, and everyone now works from home.

The ability to transform your business from your hub to reach a global audience in the shortest possible time is now easier and faster.

If you want o operate like this read this article to end to understand the simple process, all online business use to achieve this.

This is where sales funnels come in; they help you focus your marketing efforts on specific groups of individuals who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to create a sales funnel for your local business and help you determine which options are best suited to your business. 

What is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing tool that helps you increase sales by guiding potential customers sequentially through the steps of gathering information, making a decision, and making a purchase.

There are numerous types of sales funnels, with the click-through funnel being the most prevalent.

How the sales funnel operates as follows in 5 steps:

1. You create a landing page or website that provides valuable information about your product or service.
2. Visitors leave your website and visit your competitors’ websites to learn more about their products or services.
3. Visitors who are interested in your product or service click through to your landing page from a competing website.
4. You provide them with valuable information about your product or service, and then encourage them to make a purchase by providing a form or checkout process.
5. They finish the purchase, and you get their contact information so you can keep selling to them.

This process looks simple, it is. If you have the right tool and the right information. Let’s discuss this further.

The Different Types Of Sales Funnels For Local Service-Based Businesses

There are a few different types of sales funnels that local service-based businesses can use to increase their revenue.

1. The AIDA funnel:

The AIDA funnel is a traditional sales funnel model that assists businesses in identifying and qualifying potential customers, generating leads, closing sales, and retaining customers.

2. The Pivotal Selling System (PSS) funnel:

The PSS funnel is a more advanced sales funnel model that allows businesses to personalize their sales pitches and increase conversions by engaging customers with relevant content, interactive quizzes, and surveys.

3. The viral marketing funnel:

A type of sales funnels that uses social media to drive traffic and leads to your business. This type of funnel can be especially useful for local service-based businesses that rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising.       

Building Email Lists with Lead Magnets by Barry Feldman [Webinar]

How to Improve Your Business With A Sales Funnel

As I have explained above a sales funnel primary purpose is to help you make more money, over and over again.

A well-designed sales funnel can keep making money for your business for many months. To achieve this result you will need a good funnel builder and business monitor.

I use Getresponse funnel and the results have been great. Since I started with them 2 years ago, I have not stopped.

Getresponse is one of the most popular email marketing services for small businesses and bloggers in particular.

There are a lot of great features built into this platform including:

  • A/B testing
  • Automated responses.
  • Landing Page design
  • Marketing Analysis and more.

Try Get Response For Free Now

Many local businesses and bloggers don’t know how to use GetResponse as a sales funnel because they’re not aware of all its marketing tools.

In this article, we’ll go over 13 ways that you can use GetResponse to grow your content marketing empire.

Four Great Features of Getresponse

  1. GetResponse is a leading email marketing platform that enables all kinds of businesses to send and manage email campaigns. It is an efficient sales funnel instrument that can help you reach out to potential buyers, collect leads, convert leads into customers, and generate revenue.
  2. Setting up lead magnets is one of the best ways to use GetResponse as a sales funnel. Lead magnets are valuable offers that encourage prospective buyers to join your email list. They may consist of free resources, discounts, or other incentives. 
  1. You can also use GetResponse as a lead capture tool. This means you can collect leads from your website or blog and add them to your email list. You can then use these leads to create custom emails and sell them to your customers.
  2. Lastly, you can use GetResponse’s robust analytics services to track your sales and conversions. This data can help you determine which content and channels are producing the best results, allowing you to optimize your campaigns. 

What Can GetResponse Do For Your Business?

Sales Funnel

GetResponse can help you create leads and convert them into customers. With GetResponse, you can easily create email campaigns and landing pages that capture leads from sources such as social media, search engines, and other online properties.

You can also use GetResponse’s powerful lead management tools to track leads, measure results, and adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.

 Once you’ve captured leads, GetResponse can help you convert them into customers.

With its automated sales process, GetResponse can help you generate more sales leads than you would with any other system.

It also has a wide range of automation features that make selling easier for you. For example, Getresponse allows you to automatically send follow-up emails after a customer has made a purchase. This helps to keep your customers happy and likely to return for future purchases.

GetResponse also offers comprehensive reporting that makes it easy to track your progress and make informed decisions about marketing strategies. This information can help you identify which campaigns are working best and which ones need improvement. 

3 Types Of Sales Funnel Ideal For Local Service-Based Businesses

As I have explained earlier your Sales funnels are a great way to increase your sales revenue. They allow you to connect with more potential customers and help you sell your products and services more effectively.

 There are a number of different types of sales funnels, each with its own benefits. Below is a brief overview of some of the most popular sales funnel types different from the ones I explained above.

1. Lead Gen Funnels:

This type of funnel is used to collect leads from potential customers. It involves contacting them directly and asking them to sign up for your mailing list or contact you about your product or service.

 2. Funnel Marketing Funnels:

This type of funnel is used to market your products and services to potential customers. It involves creating a series of email campaigns, inviting people to visit your website or sign up for your mailing list.

3. Webinar Funnel

This type of funnel is used to generate leads through online events (webinars). It involves hosting an event and inviting interested participants to attend.

The 4 Concrete Pillars of a Successful Sales Funnel

  1. Setting Up Your Sales Funnel
  2. Building a Relationship With Your Customers
  3. Lead Prospecting and Qualifying
  4. Closing the Sale

Getresponse Marketing Automation Sales Funnels

When it comes to marketing automation software, there are a few that beats Getresponse in: lead capture, contact management, and nurturing.

Lead capture is the process of tracking and managing leads as they come in. This can be done through forms that you upload or through a system that automatically collects information from leads.

Contact management is the process of keeping track of all the contacts that a company has with potential customers.

This can include things like email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts. Nurturing is the process of keeping potential customers engaged until they become paying customers.

This can involve sending them helpful emails, providing them with valuable content, and promptly answering their questions.

Sales funnels are a type of marketing automation software that helps sales teams convert leads into customers more quickly.

There are several different types of sales funnels, but they all have one common goal: to move potential customers from lead to sale quickly and easily. A well-designed sales funnel will help you find and qualify leads quickly, make an effective plan for lead nurturing, schedule follow-up calls, and turn leads into customers in a timely manner.

Whichever type of marketing automation software is best for your business, GetResponse has a solution that many don’t have.

 GetResponse provides you with powerful features for nurturing leads through your sales funnel. You can send automated emails that nurture leads and invite them to check out your product or services. You can also send live chats to prospects who are interested in learning more about your products or services.

By using GetResponse as a sales funnel, you can create a successful business.

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