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When starting a personal blog afresh or branding your personal blog, it is important to rework your content creation and content marketing.

Content creation is all the strategies you put in place to produce articles, pictures, videos, maps, templates for the purpose of creating visibility for your blog, which can translate to how much your blog can make at a period of time and this can be a huge passive income growth for you.

Starting content curation for your personal blogs means you have to niche down to attract your early audience. Writing on broad topics can be frustrating attracting a good number of readers early on.

If you want to start a personal stylist blog, for example, you might have to niche down to women’s fashion for corporate events and occasions instead of writing on just women’s fashion as a broad topic.

Let me break down the personal stylist blog niche for you in the diagram below:


In the above diagram, the Stylist Blog only focuses on women’s leather bags and clothes, instead of curating content for a general stylist style for ladies your personal blog can focus on only the leather styling of women fashion.

More topics on women’s leather bags/ can be harvested from keyword tools like Semrush and Ahref, I will also suggest Google Keyword planner, Answer the public, google related searches.

The Diagram below shows the google suggestions via Google search. Fortunately for you, I also did research on the Semrush keyword research tool and it brought out low-ranking keywords you can write about.

What this means is that your articles can gain traction in very little time because the completion is very low.

Can I Make Money From A Personal Blog?

I have it on research that some personal blogs make up $30k in passive income on organic traffic alone. In 2021 made over $30k  in one month. This is just a monthly report.

Yes, you can make money from your personal blog, I will highlight the how’s below, which I believe you can achieve the close results in no distance time. Making money passive income from your personal blog is possible.

Below Are 10 Recommendations On How To Start A Personal Blog To Make Money

  1. Do Your Personal Blog Research.
  2. Pick A Domain For Your Personal Blog.
  3. Choose A Template For Your Blog.
  4. Register Your Domain And Host Your Website.
  5. Design Your Personal Blog
  6. Create Your Content Calendar.
  7. Write Your First Article
  8. Optimize Your Personal Blog.

1. Do Your Personal Blog Research.

I recommend personal blog research first because planning before implementation is bad for any kind of business. Research the type of personal blog you want to create and make sure it is a niche that is marketable.

Please do not pick a niche because of passion if the niche cannot drive quality traffic to your blog.

I explained the concept of niche in my previous blog post, you should read it.

Some of the questions you must answer is the type of blog you want to create the passive income for.

Are you able to monetize your content with affiliate marketing?

If you choose to monetize with Ads networks like Google Adsense, or Ezoic, what will be your Cost per Click (CPC)?

I have an article that explains the effect of Cost Per click on your earnings, See it.

2. How to Pick A Domain For Your Personal Blog

Your Internet address for example (  is determined by your domain name. People will type in the URL (web address) to access your blog directly. The “address bar” at the top of your browser window displays your domain name as illustrated in the diagram below.

When I started blogging, I would think selecting a domain name would be simple, there always seems to be so much pressure to get it right.

The right phrase, how it will sound, the correlation with your niche, and many other objections.

People will remember you by this URL! It is an illustration of your work! It represents YOU! The ideal internet vanity plate, surely!

Once you’ve chosen the ideal domain name, you check to see if the domain is still available, many times they are not available, which means you will start the search process all over again.

5 Ways To Choose A Domain For Your Personal Blog.

  1. You can choose your name and check if it is still available here.
  2. You can choose your business name as your domain.
  3. Brainstorm related phrases in your niche.
  4. List 10 blogs in your niche to give you an idea.
  5. Use a domain generator.

3. Plan Your Brand.

Building a brand image for your blog means you are creating a unique way for your audience views you and your business.

Branding your blog means your content is well planned out, and your website design is unique throughout your blog. The color, graphics, your logo must be unique.

In branding your blog, you should find a unique style of writing and post structure, all these features when added to your blog, makes you an authority blogger. Your blog needs to be distinctive from your competitors.

4. Choose A Template For Your Personal Blog.

This is a huge part of your branding. Your personal blog must look personal. Using the right templates removes the headache of code and HTML designs.

One advantage of a website builder is the availability of ready-to-use templates that have been expertly designed. It enables you to quickly, easily, and affordably create a website with a professional appearance.

However, how do you pick the ideal website template?

On top of the list is the level of customization the template will require,

Every template needs to be customized in some way, whether it’s just changing some text and images or changing the site’s entire color scheme and font.

Elementor stands every time. supports one-click customizations of the site’s color scheme, font style, and page background, it also supports drag-and-drop customizations of your template. These customizations include changes to the layout of your homepage, menu bar, and page header.

Elementor removes the requirement for multiple plugins, you can create professional websites and improve your page speed.

“The best thing about Elementor is the community and the great developers behind this ingenious software. It gives me great confidence in the quality of the product & the assurance that Elementor will be around for years to come.”

Brandon Duncan

Owner & Creative Director of Regent Web Design

I cannot overemphasize choosing the right templates to make your blog stand out.

5.  Register Your Domain And Host Your Website.

After you have picked your domain, you should register your domain with a trusted domain registrar.

Before I proceed here are my recommended Domain registers.

  1. Bluehost. Try Bluehost
  2. Namecheap. Try Namecheap

When purchasing and registering a domain name, you should consider selecting a reputable hosting company.

With hosting your domain, you can eventually make your website accessible to everyone on the planet by hosting it on the provider’s server like Bluehost and Namecheap.

A crucial step in hosting your personal blog is selecting the type of hosting.

The five main categories of hosting services are

  1. Shared,
  2. Managed WordPress,
  3. Virtual private server (VPS),
  4. Dedicated server,
  5. Reseller.

Shared Hosting is the best option for small personal blogs, freelance portfolios, and smaller-sized companies.

Online retailers, digital service providers, and blogs with high traffic should go VPS and Dedicated Servers are excellent solutions.

5 reasons Why I Choose Bluehost and Namecheap

  1. 99.5% Uptime Guarantee
  2. Super 2.7 Customer Service
  3. Backups every 24 hours
  4. There is a budget plan for small and big plans
  5. Free Migration and Upgrade.

More than just making your website accessible online other essential services provided by hosting companies include technical support, firewall security, email services, domain name registration, and others. Make sure you choose the best as this the life wire of your personal blog.

6.  Design Your Personal Blog

Blog design comprises every element and texture that create satisfaction for your audience whenever they visit your blog.

Most people think of things like colors, illustrations, and user experience (UX) alone when they hear the term “blog design.”

But your typography is far more significant than they are.

Imagine you have a colorful personal blog but readability is bad, and your bounce rate will be huge.

You want to design your blog in a way that the typography is consistent on all the pages, also It is simpler for people to remember your blog if it has a consistent design.

Your primary and secondary color, your image positions, bold texts.

However, if your blog resembles every other blog in your niche, it will become invisible.

This is why making your blog stand out should be a focus of at least some of its design.

That is not to say that you should create something entirely new. However, your blog should take some action that distinguishes it from rival blogs.

I recommend Elementor Website Builder. You can design your website in days, change the primary color, and secondary color and easily edit templates with drag and drop features.

7.  Create Your Content Calendar.

A digital content calendar helps you plan and organize your content, for publication and engagement.

The purpose of a content calendar is to help your personal blog with the best content considering, the type of content, the time of publication, the how it will increase engagement.

You can plan your content with Content Calendar Software or Excel which is free.

Personal Blog Content Calendar Structure

  1. Primary platforms information.
  2. Channels of publications.
  3. Blog topic ideas.
  4. Links to research content.
  5. Date of publication.
  6. Deadline for publication.

The Importance of A Content Calendar?

  1. A content calendar helps you gain time.
  2. A content calendar helps you stay organized.
  3. You save yourself from mental burnout.
  4. Reduce stress and mistakes.
  5. Consistent publishing of relevant and researched content.
  6. Increase success.

8. Write Your First Article

Put together all you have researched, Try to be as specific as you can in your search terms if you’re looking for data or statistics to back up your claim.

People want to be sure, you are leading them right, when they trust your judgment, they will come back to read more.

Be mindful of your content structure, Since search engine algorithms favor articles with bullet points and subheadings, they generate higher traffic.

Include your focus keywords:

  • In your Subheadings.
  • Include your focus keywords in the top paragraphs.
  • Include your focus keywords in your article as many times as possible, don’t flood it though.
  • Include your focus keywords in the meta description.
  • Include your focus keywords in the image Alt text.

Edit and write your content thoroughly, Grammarly will assist you with this. It can be difficult to edit while writing, which increases the risk that you won’t get past the introduction.

Once you’ve reached the conclusion, you can return and concentrate on editing.

9. Optimize Your Personal Blog

The golden secret of an optimized blog is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You don’t want to create a beautiful website, great content with zero traffic.

Part of your blog optimization strategy is navigations, your audience should be able to move around your website easily. A blog page should lead to other blog pages, you must include blog interlinks, related post shortcuts, categories tab.

I forgot to mention, make sure your blog is mobile optimized.

While regularly posting new blog entries can help your SEO, you should put more effort into updating your current content.

This is due to the fact that it takes a long time for new content to establish itself and gain authority on search engine results pages (SERP).

Updates to older blog posts that have already established authority with search engines can therefore help you start seeing the results of SEO optimization right away.

Final Thoughts.

Your personal blog will fly after you implement the following. I am very sure it will. Don’t forget to share.